Three Important Things to Know When Hiring a Curbing Contractor

I enjoy the aspect of showing people what they should know when it comes to adding curbs into their landscape design.

One of the most important things that you, as a homeowner can do to avoid costly mistakes is to prepare yourself!  What I mean is; do you homework.  Try to understand the language that a contractor might throw at you to make themselves sound good, and most importantly, know what questions you most definitely should ask!

  1. Company Reputation:  How long have they been in business?  The ideal situation is to use a company and operator that have been established for over five years.  Ask for pictures of their own work (not those generated by another company for advertising), as well as addresses of their past clients so that you can look at their finished project.  Should something go wrong and you need repairs – you want a company that is established and can come back.  Not a fly-by-night company selling the product cheap.  Can they supply actual customer references?  Remember.  Curbs are durable and permanent.
  2. Guarantee:  Do they guarantee their workmanship and product?  It’s one thing if a tree falls on your curb and breaks it, because that is not the fault of the company. However, if the border crumbles to the touch after it is installed, then you want a company that stands behind their work; come back, remove it and replace it at no cost to you!
  3. Detail:  Finally, look at BOTH of the photographs shown below.  Which would you choose?  You want borders to enhance your lawn/landscape.  Not distract from it.

For more information on borders, please visit our website at

Look closely. Are the lines straight? Is there a dip between the driveway and the grass? No, it looks pretty good, huh? These are curbs done by Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders.

Curb 17 - NOT Curb Appeal

Now these, on the other hand, is what you DON’T want. Notice how up and down the curbs are? We call them roller-coasters. These are definitely NOT our curbs!









Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders Payment Options:  Cash, Check and all major credit cards accepted.



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