Commercial Use for Borders

Have you seen the new 7-11’s lately?  They’re all fancy with their own parking areas and extensive landscaping.  I think they look great!  But, here’s one situation where the landscapers needed extra help!  Due to the terrain, the mulch was spilling out all over the sidewalk, causing an unsafe environment for all pedestrians.  Who did they call?  Why, Curb Appeal of course!

Take a look at these pictures from a 7-11 in downtown Orlando!

7-11 4

This is a slant style curb with no color added. Notice how well it holds back the mulch?

7-11 1

Before curbing, the mulch was spilling out all over the sidewalk.

7-11 2

This shows the flexible designs that were created to parallel the sidewalk.

7-11 3

Once again, creating a safe and friendly environment for their customers.

We’re not restricted to landscape borders in residential areas.  As you can see, this was an actual store in downtown Orlando.

For more information, give us a call!  407-957-9208


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