Concrete Edging Process

On occasion, I get the chance to tag along for an installation.  Funny, but the guys never seem to think about taking pictures.  Me?  I like to show how the landscaping looks before, during, and immediately after concrete borders are installed.  Now I can share the process with You!

California 3These pictures were taken at a residence on Carolina Avenue in St. Cloud.  The homeowner had just pulled out the overgrown tangle of weeds, and needed a redesign of the flower beds.

Curb Appeal came in and started the ground prep; which includes marking a pattern, flattening the soil, cutting out roots, stems or weeds that may interfere with the border, and adding sand to level any low areas.


California 2

Now, this particular project was only 42 linear feet.  We spent a little over an hour simply preparing the ground so that the borders have a level and compact base.  Who wants borders that resemble a roller-coaster ride?  Not Curb Appeal, and neither do our clients.


California 4


Here is the finished ground prep prior to curb installation.






California 5This is what the curbing looks like immediately afterwards.  We have now perfected the shape, and cut expansion joints ever three feet (or so).  This allows the curbs to breathe – minimizing any cracking or fracturing.  It’s the same principal as a driveway.

We cut the excess extruded concrete from the front of the curb, but leave it in place because it is all still wet, and we don’t want to damage the curb. The excess on the back stays put.  Once you fill in the flowerbed with mulch or rock, you’ll never see the back side.

California 6

This is Scott touching up and trimming the base of the border.  After a day, you will need to step on the excess dried concrete and dispose.  You will be left with a perfect border.  You can now add your grass right up to the edge.




California 7Another view of the completed border.  Remember, this is a concrete product, so it will take a couple of weeks for it to completely dry.  Once that happens, you will get the desired color; in this case, no color was added to the mix, so it will turn fairly white – just like a new driveway or concrete pad.

See the flag in the corner?  This border met up with the sidewalk, so in the picture below, you can see how we married the two separate entities together.

California CornerOnce dry, you won’t see a difference between the sidewalk and the curb.

Matter of fact, in this case, there was a large chunk of concrete missing from the sidewalk, so we just filled it back in, and the two pieces will appear as one.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing the process of Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders!



If you are interested in gaining control of your flowerbeds or landscaping projects, give us a call, and we’ll help you create Curb Appeal at your home or office!

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