Property Line

This was an unusual request, however that’s what the homeowner wanted.  His ultimate goal was not only to designate where the property line is; but to enhance his yard, as well as his neighbors.

Establish your property line.

Establish your property line.

The beauty is this is that you do not require permits for curbing.  You may wish to keep your neighbors grass from growing into your yard, or simply to enhance your landscaping.  Remember, concrete borders won’t move or lose their shape.

Notice the straight lines – Curb Appeal Borders has been in business for over 16 years helping homeowners gain control of their landscaping!  Our operators measure, string off, and then measure again before the curb is installed.

Call today for your free estimate!  407-957-9208 – serving most of Central Florida!

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Curb Appeal, Concrete Landscaping Borders


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