There is Value in Working with Established Companies

ShirtJust like any other company big or small, it was time for us to order more work shirts (uniforms).   But as a small business, we have always tried to shop locally when possible, we felt, to better support our own community.

Now I admit that I haven’t had to re-order our uniforms in about two years, but I did discover one important lesson today.  There is “Value” in working with “established” companies.

To give you an example; all of the companies that I originally chose to print our uniforms over the years (or any of the printing, artwork, etc) have all gone out of business.  They were friends of friends, or fly-by-night companies with no real understanding of correct pricing so that they can pay their bills, customer satisfaction so they have return clients, and the fact that their word is their reputation.

I have learned that it makes better business sense to wisely select a company that has been established for at least ten years – with a good reputation.  One that can give references, or show me their work.  I now see the value in a company that has proven that it can endure the ups and down’s of the economy.

So what does this mean?  As far as my uniforms go, I have to start all over.  My shirts probably won’t match, there will be more digging to find the correct artwork and placement of logos, more time, more headaches!  And, I have to pay the art-fee’s again for every item that I need; whether it be shirts, business cards, vehicle graphics, flyers, advertising, etc.  If I had only chosen wisely in the beginning, it would have saved me a lot of money and time in the long-run.

So, lesson learned!  Just like choosing Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders for your job, there IS Great Value in working with an established company!



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