Landscaping Tips: Enhancing Your Exterior for Buyer Appeal

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 One common mistake many homeowners make is forget to stage their exteriors. Exteriors, just like interiors, have a big impact on buyers as they are the first thing they see. If you are planning to sell your house as quickly as possible, stage your exterior. Buyers might be so impressed they pay the asking price.  If you want to update your landscaping, use these landscaping tips.

Landscaping Tips: Enhancing Your Exterior for Buyer Appeal

summer landscaping ideas

Image via: Outdoor Idea

Retouch the Mulch

A fresh layer of mulch makes a lawn look brand new. Mulch protects the roots of your plants from extreme temperatures, helps plants to conserve water, and prevents the growth of weeds. Set aside a day to touch up the mulch in all your garden beds. The color will augment the difference of the surrounding plants and make everything come alive. As well, mulch is not expensive and is very easy to apply. If you want to add more color and texture, use decorative mulch between plants.

Trim Overgrown Shrubs and Trees

Dead branches and trees show buyers that a property is neglected. No matter the season, prune your trees and shrubs to keep your exterior looking neat. Buyers will see that your house and garden are both well-maintained. If you have deciduous shrubs and trees in your exterior, be sure to trim them regularly.

landscapring idea3

Image via: Home Improvement Magazine

Take Care of Perennial Plants

Perennials have gorgeous foliage and striking blooms. However, they can quickly die if they are not tended to. If your perennial plants do not look as beautiful as they should, tidy them. Get rid of those that are in bad shape and replace them with new ones. You can also use decorative pots in their place. Keep in mind that many perennials stop blooming after they produce seeds. Remove fading flowers before they form seeds to encourage the plants to continue blooming.

Fix Irrigation Problems

Irrigation system repairs can be costly and buyers may be turned off by irrigation problems. If your irrigation system has issues, fix them. Don’t transfer the repair costs to the buyer. Give buyers information about your irrigation schedule if you have an automatic system. Show them how the system works and advise them to use the same watering schedule for the best results.

Lovely garden

Image via: Artvoy

Experts say that a house must be sold 3 times to buyers: online, when they drive by, and when they come inside. Since they see the outdoors when they drive by your house, it goes without saying that your landscaping must be impressive. If they don’t like what they see when they drive by, they won’t be motivated to come inside. The above landscaping tips won’t break the bank, but they’ll give you a good ROI.

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