Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

by Diana Smith
Home is where your heart is, they say. Well, wherever that is, there is no harm in having it gorgeously organized and decorated so that you can enjoy all the wonderful time spent there with your friends and family. Naturally, the problem of doing any redecorating or upgrading, whether it’s for the interior or the exterior of your home, is the limited budget. But, good news is this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about your space – you can make it look absolutely stunning, without breaking the bank. It all comes down to a lot of creativity, good planning and proper organizing.

So, let’s get down to it. Go through this advice we’ve singled out for you and get an idea of how to make your backyard look super exciting yet remain functional at all times!

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1. Start with the yard itself

Usually, when we go out in a yard, we are distracted by the patio, lights, outdoor decorations and similar aspects and rarely do we actually pay attention to the foundation that keeps the whole yard together – pavers, plants, the grass and clutter.

The best way to start fixing up your yard is to first remove the clutter that’s been visually blocking your yard and move onto bigger reparations. Old materials you once used, bikes, piles of random throwaways… all these need to find their place either in a dumpster or your yard shed.

Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, move onto fixing the grass and plants. Reseed all yellow parts of the grass to give your yard a fresh, green and appealing look. As for plants, opt for potted plants you may want to put down the paved yard path. You can even make a little garden as a part of the yard where you can plant the flowers for a colorful and natural feel. Taking care of flowers does take time, but it’s worth it.

After the basis of the yard has been fixed, it’s time to move onto bigger things.

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2. Yard furniture

A choice of many is patio furniture. It’s easy to maintain and easy to repair. If you can’t invest in a new furniture set, repairing your old one is your best choice. Strip down the old paint and repaint the furniture in a new, unexpected color – green, dark blue, turquoise … are the best options. They are easy on the eye and fit in wonderfully with all the outdoor greens. You can even turn this redecorating into a family activity, where the whole family is involved – kids can do the painting and choose the colors while the adults will do all the heavy work. You’ll have fun and make great memories!

Decorate your seating area with some unusual colored and patterned pillows to give your yard that oomph it deserves!

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3. Light it up

Any space looks far more charming when properly lighted. Regardless of the size of your yard, it can cost a lot of money to get light installations all over the yard. You’ll probably be able to afford a couple, but the whole place will look much better with cohesive lightning. Great news here is that you can buy Christmas lights and hang them around your yard – you will light the whole space up while at the same time making it look absolutely romantic. You can opt for white lights or the colored ones and set a truly wonderful atmosphere!

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4. Protect the yard

All the rainy days are the worst for open yard compositions. In order for you not to have to run inside at times there are a few drops of rain, get a proper protection for your gorgeous yard setting. Shade sails are probably the best options for any open yard. They are decorative, practical and affordable! You can have shade sails installed by professionals or you can do it yourself. Also, they are usually available at stores selling yard elements. However, lately, getting shade sails online is a preferable option of many customers as there are many more options there than in stores. When choosing the sails, opt for a color that will remind you of the summer or some happy time. Pair them up with the rest of the yard decorations to give your yard space cohesion.

As you can see, fixing up your yard is not that hard a thing to do. With the advice we’ve given you, we hope you’ll turn your current yard into a wonderful space for you and your loved ones!

This is Joan from Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders writing now.  I just want to show you a couple of more ideas.

Block Style Rocks Grass

Concrete curbing helps separate the grass from the mulch – or in this case, from the rock!  Contact us today for your FREE estimate within Central Florida.  We’re happy to help you come up with ideas that are unique to YOUR home!




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