8 Trash-Into-Treasure Garden DIYs You’ve Got to Try

Clear your clutter and beautify your garden in one crafty move with these clever upcycling projects.

Spring is right around the corner, making this the perfect time to start planning your garden projects. For some, this might mean dusting off the gardening tools and getting your hands dirty. For others, nothing says spring like cleaning.

By upcycling old stuff around the house into gorgeous garden decorations, you can get your garden ready for spring and freshen your home in one fell swoop. If you want to exercise your green thumb without spending too much green, why not let some of your old clutter find new life in the garden?

Here are some of our favorite garden upcycling ideas. Take a look, and let us know how you turned your trash into treasure!

1. Bric-a-Brac Windchimes

Reuse vintage wares taking up space in your kitchen or garage by turning them into charming and whimsical wind chimes. Wire, fasteners, and everything else that you need to accomplish this are available from any hardware store. Just mix and match pieces that will catch the light and tinkle in the wind to create a charming garden project that you can keep for years.

Great Lakes Chime - wind chimes

2. Serving Dish Toadstools

This is a simple and fun project for a rainy April afternoon. All you need are old mixing bowls or pie plates, non-toxic waterproof paint, and an old stump or flowerpot to add a little whimsy to your garden.

Birds and Blooms - toadstools

3. Plastic Bottle Drip Irrigation

If you want to ensure your plants stay watered through the dry summer months, a DIY drip irrigation system is a great solution. Simply punch holes in a two liter soda bottle and bury it up to the neck next to your plants. The small holes will slowly give your plants the water they need, even if you take off for a weekend trip.

Provident Living - water bottle drip irrigation diy

4. Mason Jar String Lights

Are old holiday lights taking up space in your garage? Use them to light up your garden! Spool them into glass cannisters for stand alone lamps. If you have icicle lights, stuff the icicle endings into jars or wine bottles and use them to create an attractive pathway to welcome guests to your home at any time of year.

Sweet Tea Clothing Co. - mason jar string lights

5. Toolbox Planter

Got an old toolbox that could use replacing, or a vintage suitcase that’s too impractical for the airport? Any old container can be given new life as a planter. Simply drill holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. If your container is made of metal or covered in old paint, make sure to line it with plastic so that no harmful materials leach into the potting soil.

Curbshopaholic - planter suitcase DIY

6. Tea Party Bird Feeder

If you have a cute tea set that you don’t use often but can’t bear to part with, give it new life by throwing the birds in your back yard a tea party. Instead of having your china gather dust in your cabinet, you’ll be able to enjoy it every time you look out the window–and you’ll attract gorgeous company.

Dear Lizzy - tea party bird feeder

7. Vertical Pallet Garden

Shipping pallets are common, versatile, and affordable, which makes them great for DIY projects. For this simple garden DIY, lay a pallet horizontally on the ground. Staple the back with landscape fabric and fill the slats with potting soil. Plant your flowers and herbs, and wait a few days for the roots to grow in. After that, you can lean it against a wall, or even mount it above a sitting area.

Olivia Jenkins - pallet garden

8. Silver Spoons Rain Chain

Rain chains are a great alternative to a traditional downspout. While a closed gutter simply funnels water away from your roof, a rain chain creates a pathway for the water to travel to the ground, turning a necessary function into an unusual feature in your garden. Make your own quirky and useful rain chain from old silverware for a beautiful way to catch the rain.

Birds and Blooms - DIY upcycled spoons rain chain

To really get creative in your garden this spring, make your junk bin your inspiration!

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