Unsolicited Testimonials – You Die for Them!

I had the most delightful surprise today!

We’ve been busy with jobs and life for so many months, accompanied of course, by the estimates given thought that time as well.

Today, Scott completed a job here locally, in St. Cloud with about 100 linear feet.  Our clients, without encouragement, reached out to us afterwards and gave us a very positive testimonial.  Non-solicited, and so much appreciated!  I thanked them and then posted the testimonial to our website.  You can see it here for yourself: https://curbappealborders.com/testimonials/

This article isn’t about us really, but what it means to people when you appreciate their work, and their efforts.

If anyone in your life does a good job for you, please take the time to share your thoughts.  A little kindness and a few moments of your day can make a huge difference in someone’s life.  Take advantage of it!


Joan Bailey

Wife of Owner/Operator of Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders


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