About Us

Scott & Joan BaileyHappily married since 1992, and both originally from the area, we made our home in St. Cloud, Florida.

As many of you may relate, we grew accustomed to the few options available to keep the mulch separated from the grass in our landscape.  We tried the black plastic “border,” as well as railroad ties; but between the Florida afternoon rains, and mowing; we simply couldn’t find a product that we were happy with, until we discovered concrete landscaping borders.  We loved it, and felt that we found a niche that every homeowner could use and appreciate!  Viola! Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders was born!

Scott has been perfecting this trade since 1997, and has been successful in this business ever since!  No, we’re not like the fly-by-night companies that thinks it’s easy, only to go straight out of business.  We have ridden this recession and proven that we’re here to stay!

We value customer satisfaction, and we arrive for our appointments on time and ready to go!  After-all, most of our advertising is done by word-of-mouth, so we must do it right – every time!

Oh, and a few of you may ask why we use a Kangaroo in our logo; well, here’s the scoop!  The machine that we purchased originated in Australia.  And, like the fluidity of a leaping ‘Roo, we felt that it was a perfect mascot!

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Payment Options:  Cash preferred, and personal Checks accepted.


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