Curb Styles

4″ Mower Style

Borderline Curb Machine_NEW

We chose “Borderline” as our curbing equipment. Concrete is extruded into a dye (mold) to create a continuous concrete border – customized to your design!

4″ Slant Style
4″ Block Style
  • All curbs are four inches high and six inches wide.
  • Curbs are extruded on site – customizing each job to your own layout.
  • We offer a choice of 45 different colors.

Please noteWe do not offer stamping on our curbs.  In our experience, stamped curbs are not only more expensive, and takes away from your landscaping design, but it also creates the perfect storm for mold and mildew to grow.

Proudly Serving Central Florida!


Payment Options:  Cash preferred, and personal Checks accepted.

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