Photo Gallery

Kilgore Corner

March 10, 2016

Kilgore Pavers

March 14, 2016

Kilgore Straight

March 15, 2016

We only use photographs of our work.  This represents a realistic view of Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders!  Our work is guaranteed for workmanship and materials!  We will follow the design plan of the homeowner and what they wish their result to be, or, we can suggest alternative solutions.  Every home is different!


Freshly Poured, No Color Added

January, 2016

January, 2016



Six Guns 2

It’s not very often that we actually get after-the-fact photographs! Nice job!

Keep in mind that the photo’s that are marked “no color”  are mostly in the initial phase and will lighten as time progresses.  We usually take pictures on the day it was installed.Corner Sidewalk Straight

Mower Style – No Color


Mower Style – Color, Sand Stone


Reverse Mower Style – Color; Sand Stone


Mower Style, Color; sand stone

Driveway Edge

Slant Style, no color

VJ 5

Mower Style, Color; Rust Brown

VJ 10

Mower Style, Color; Rust Brown


Mower Style; Painted Santa Fe


Mower Style, no color

Curb on Paver

Mower Style, no color


Mower Style, Color; Sand Stone – can you say “straight line?”


Mower Style, No Color – just cleaned.


Mower Style, No Color – cleaned after 5+ years.

Mr. A.

Mower Style, No Color


Mower Style, No Color, but made to order!

7-11 1

Slant Style, no color – Commercial Project

7-11 4

Slant Style, no color. Commercial property – had too much mulch spilling onto sidewalk. Not anymore!

Harmony 3

Slant Style, Terra Cotta

Harmony 1

Slant Style, Color; Auburn Brown

Harmony 5

Slant Style , Color; Autumn Brown

O'Sullivan 1

Mower Style; Color: Terra Cotta

Mendoza Curb 2

Slant Style, no color

Combination Pavers & Curbs

Slant Style, no color

Before Lawn 3

Slant Style, no color

Mendoza Curb 4

Slant Style, no color