Put Your Tax Dollars to Work

With tax refund season rapidly approaching, you might be entitled to a refund!  Have you ever thought of reinvesting it back in towards the equity of your home?

Whether you’re planning on living in your home for the next 20 years, or just another year; Curb Appeal is very important to anyone who drives by.  After all, if your average ‘Joe’ in the neighborhood drives by every day and actually admires your landscaping, then don’t you think that he’ll think that your home is impressive?

Here are a few ideas of what some of our customers have done in the past.  I think you’ll agree that having a manicured and framed landscape can make a huge difference in the appearance of your living domicile  to everyone!

Owners elected to paint the curbs with Driveway Paint, which can be any color that the homeowner chooses! Note: Don't use concrete stain!

Owners elected to paint the curbs with Driveway Paint, which can be any color that the homeowner chooses! Note: Don’t use concrete stain!

Pavers-Driveway Pavers Lawn Flower Curbing Curb on Paver
curb1 Curb 15







Keeps mulch in, while also keeping grass out!

Also keeps your sidewalk and driveway safer by containing the mulch.

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Before and After

If you have visited our website before, you would see all kinds of different shapes and patterns, as well as colors available to create the framework for your landscaping.  However, for many of our customers, their existing borders get dull as the years go by – mostly from our wonderful Florida weather.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to share with you that Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders also will come out and clean & seal your borders to help protect them from our humid and muggy conditions.



This is a picture of curbs after five years.  As you can see, the mold, mildew and dirt almost disguises the border – and you can’t really see it very well.

Upon installation, we always recommend that you seal your borders.  This will prevent staining from fertilizers, tree’s and even mold and mildew.  Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders can perform this task for you.



Now, this is the picture after we cleaned and re-sealed the border.  Looks pretty darned good, huh?

Keep in mind that this curb is five years old, and it still maintains the excellent barrier between the flower bed and grass.  Not even a coffee machine will last that long!

So whether you want new borders, or even if you want your existing borders brought back to life, we’re just a phone call away!

Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders has been in business since 1997, with professional and uniformed staff to create the curb appeal that your home really desires!



Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders Payment Options:  Cash, Check and all major credit cards accepted.

Let Us Clean & Seal Your Curbs!

We always encourage our clientele to seal their concrete borders to protect them from not only the elements such as mold or mildew; but also from things like fertilizer or hard-water that can leave permanent stains on concrete.  It is recommended that you clean and seal your borders approximately once each year to keep them attractive.

However, we do realize that not everyone has the time to clean and seal their borders, because – let’s face it, it can be a time consuming job!

So why worry about that?  Keeping in mind that the holidays are fast approaching, we decided to offer an additional service to our customers.

What makes this offer special is that unlike many other local curbing companies, we do not water down our sealant and we do not spray the sealant on.  We take the time to brush our sealant straight from the barrel – to your curbs – by hand.

The first picture you see have been subjected to the Florida climate for years!  Our team worked to clean the borders.



The second photo is our “After” shot.  Same border, but incredibly different!  It literally brought these concrete borders back to life!

Cleaned and Sealed!

Cleaned and Sealed!

As you can see from this picture below, we use only the best sealant.  It is commercial grade, and is a UV Super Seal, made by Lambert Industries.  This product is a non-yellowing, UV-stabilized, clear cure-and-seal product for use on new or existing concrete.  This product has a better moisture-loss performance rating as compared to what you can buy at your local hardware store.

UV Protection

UV Protection – a Clear, Non-Yellowing Protection

So what are you waiting for?

Give us a call, and we’ll come out to pressure wash and/or seal your borders at very special rate – as follows:

Sealing Curbs Only:

  • $1.00 per linear foot (minimum $75.00/job)

Pressure Washing & Sealing Curbs:

  • $2.00 per linear foot (minimum $125.00/job)

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Scott Bailey


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