Put Your Tax Dollars to Work

With tax refund season rapidly approaching, you might be entitled to a refund!  Have you ever thought of reinvesting it back in towards the equity of your home?

Whether you’re planning on living in your home for the next 20 years, or just another year; Curb Appeal is very important to anyone who drives by.  After all, if your average ‘Joe’ in the neighborhood drives by every day and actually admires your landscaping, then don’t you think that he’ll think that your home is impressive?

Here are a few ideas of what some of our customers have done in the past.  I think you’ll agree that having a manicured and framed landscape can make a huge difference in the appearance of your living domicile  to everyone!

Owners elected to paint the curbs with Driveway Paint, which can be any color that the homeowner chooses! Note: Don't use concrete stain!

Owners elected to paint the curbs with Driveway Paint, which can be any color that the homeowner chooses! Note: Don’t use concrete stain!

Pavers-Driveway Pavers Lawn Flower Curbing Curb on Paver
curb1 Curb 15







Keeps mulch in, while also keeping grass out!

Also keeps your sidewalk and driveway safer by containing the mulch.

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10 Money-Saving Tips for Landscaping

10 Money-Saving Tips for Landscaping


A yard with a beautiful landscape is one of the few home investments with a value that increases over the years. Buyers love mature plants and trees, so giving your yard some love even if you’re not planning on selling for a few years is a smart way to go. What’s even smarter? Employing these money-saving tips:

1. Free mulch.
Many municipalities recycle the yard waste they pick up curbside throughout the year into mulch, which is then made available to residents for free or a very low price. Surrounding your shrubs and trees with a layer of the stuff not only makes them stand out visually, it also helps conserve moisture and stave off bugs.

2. Don’t Buy Screens.

Instead of buying the weed screening to keep weeds from growing, try newspapers under the mulch.  It will last two years, and then it will be time to replace the mulch anyway!

3. Look to the list.
Craigslist’s “farm and garden” section can be a treasure trove of outdoor planters, border stones and even “used” trees and shrubs. Check here first before heading to the nursery.

4. Go big with your neighbors.
Bedding plants are often less expensive when you buy them in bulk.

5. Compost.
Instead of buying bags of fertilizer, generate your own black gold for gardens by composting your kitchen waste. It’s not as hard – or smelly – as you’d think.

6. Chat with a master.
Master gardeners often hold free Q&A sessions at garden centers or local libraries. Before investing in new plants, seeds or shrubs, check with an expert to find which options will thrive without expensive maintenance.

7. Rein it in.
Trim back any trees, shrubs or vines that hide or overwhelm your windows, porch or patio. Sometimes the most effective landscaping upgrade can come from removing greenery, not adding it.

8. Pull your weeds.
It’s the outdoor equivalent of de-cluttering your home, an inexpensive way to boost your yard’s visual appeal.

9. Powerwash fences and patios.
It can take years off your fence and patio in just minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter they’ll look with just a bit of effort that requires little more skill than running a vacuum. Rent a machine at your local home improvement box store for about $30.

10. Add Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders.

By framing your landscaping, not only will it add “curb appeal” to your home, but it will keep mulch in, and grass out – making it easier to mow, mulch, and edge.

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Let’s Talk About Mulch – Good Advice

I was driving down the road today and notice.., not for the first time.., one of our neighbors’ landscaping.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t looking at it admirably, I was looking at it as “yikes.”No Edging Blocks

When you decide to get new mulch for your landscaping beds, please, don’t just load new mulch on top of the old.  You actually need to scrape the old weathered mulch from the beds and replace it with new mulch.  If you don’t, you start creating a “mound effect” which will always spill the mulch out into the yard whenever we get a heavy rain.

When you buy new mulch, they always recommend that you add 2-3″ thick.  That doesn’t mean that you should add 2-3″ on top of existing.  That means that you should scrape the old stuff out – dispose of it, and replace with 2-3″ of new mulch.

Many people don’t think about this, but many of our customers have this vecurb1ry complaint – “My mulch spills into my grass!”  This doesn’t necessarily mean you need borders – but perhaps you need a little maintenance instead.

However, borders are, in my opinion of course, the best way to go!  Contact us today for your Free Estimate for bordering your home and keeping it safer to walk on your sidewalks and driveways.407-957-9208

It Looks Like Rain

Now that the torrential summer downpours are here, are you noticing that your mulch is floating out of your flower beds into your lawn?  Perhaps the mulch is spilling over onto your sidewalks making it more dangerous when you walk outside?

You should consider getting Curb Appeal Concrete Landscaping Borders.  Not only will you “frame” your landscaping, but it will keep your family safer, and your lawn more appealing.  Our borders are designed with the homeowner in mind.  Our mower style makes it simple to ride the wheels directly upon the edge, reducing “edging” time.


No EdgingThe picture to the right here shoes no border whatsoever.  Grass can grow straight in, and the mulch can flow right out into your lawn.


Black Plastic BorderHere, to the left, you’ll see black plastic borders.  I don’t think we need to tell you what is wrong with this picture.

No Edging woodBut, I can’t leave out the trusted ole wooden ties that are sometimes used.  See the difference?

What you need to control and manage your landscape are concrete landscaping borders, and as a matter of fact, that’s exactly what we specialize in.  For over 18 years, this has been our sole business – creating a beautiful manageable landscaping design for thousands of Central Floridians.

Keep your landscaping under control!  We invite your to look at our website, as we give you options, advice and testimonials as well as recommended vendors that we’ve worked with throughout the years and found them to be exceptional.

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Carson Arthur has Recipe for Curb Appeal

SHELLEY BOETTCHERMore from Shelley Boettcher
HGTV star Carson Arthur
HGTV star Carson Arthur

HGTV / Calgary Herald

Renovating or selling your home? Then think of it as a meal, says landscaping expert and TV star Carson Arthur.

“The front yard is your appetizer course. Nobody’s buying your house based on your front yard,” he says.

“But that Curb Appeal, the first impression, is so important.

“If you don’t like that first taste, you’ll question whether you will like the rest.”

An outdoor design and lifestyle expert, Arthur is part of the team on HGTV’s Critical Listing, a popular reality TV show that helps homeowners maximize their home’s worth before selling.

He’ll be presenting seminars, including ones on how to improve your home’s value, in Calgary at the 2015 Calgary Home and Garden Show on Feb. 28 and March 1.

An internationally renowned landscape expert, Arthur was born two hours north of Toronto, and raised on an apple farm. He studied landscape design at Humber College in Toronto and soon found himself on television.

These days, he is also a regular on CityTV’s Cityline talk show, and he is the outdoor guest expert on The Shopping Channel.

And his earlier TV show, Green Force, tackled urban landscapes — beautifying everything from daycares to hospices and subway stations.

It comes as no surprise, then, to hear he’s loaded with advice for homeowners, whether you’re simply looking to renovate and enjoy your space, or whether you’re seeking to sell your home and maximize your profit.

First, consider your home’s current value before tackling a major landscaping job.

“Never spend more than 12 per cent of your home’s total value on the back yard.”

As for the front yard? Aim for between six and eight per cent.

And, home renovators, think about your own time. Do you have a lot? Likely not.

That’s why one of the big trends Arthur is seeing these days is toward low-maintenance yards — yards that take 20 minutes or so of maintenance each week.

“People want a space that a. meets their needs but b. doesn’t create a ball and chain, so they can’t get away for the weekend. So they can’t afford to do other things.”

Gardening is really hard work, he adds.

“It is not for the faint of heart, or people with busy lifestyles,” Arthur says.

“As our lives get busier, we have less time for gardening, but we still want our homes to look good and be worth more money.”

That’s where professional landscaping advice comes in handy. You’ll figure out what’s do-able and you’ll get ideas that you hadn’t perhaps considered.

“It doesn’t have to be done all at once,” he says. “What does need to be doing is to get a real design, one that really outlines your entire space.”

First, find a landscaper that fits your style. Modern? Rustic? Low-maintenance? Not all professional landscapers offer the same style or the same level of service.

“Really do your research ahead of time, to be sure that the company is creating the type of space that will be right for your family,” he says. “You need an outdoor designer that can create the type of space you want to live in.”

Next, think about what kind of space meets your needs. Do you have young kids, pets, or a love of outdoor entertaining?

And then, of course, there’s your budget.

“Ask the designer to break down your timelines. What needs to be done first? What next? Start applying your budget toward it, instead of doing a huge allotment all up front.”

If you don’t have the budget to do your entire yard all at once, then tackle a corner of it and create an outdoor room.

Carson Arthur's  projects
Carson Arthur’s projects

HGTV / Calgary Herald

“Get that useable space figured out first,” he says. “That is what will pull you into your back yard.”

Trends that he’s noticed include container gardening, low-maintenance patio pavers or wood, beautiful furniture, and propane or gas heaters.

“We’re seeing a lot of people trying to capture a perfect outdoor moment: sitting around an outdoor fireplace, a space for brunch or even just for coffee,” he says.

“People are investing in that instead of plants or grass and trees.”

It’s all about increasing your home’s appeal and value, whether you’re upgrading for your own enjoyment, or selling in a tough market.

“The back yard won’t be what sells the house, but it’s the dessert,” says Arthur. “It’s the last thing people see when they’re buying. If they like it, it seals the deal.”

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