Put Your Tax Dollars to Work

With tax refund season rapidly approaching, you might be entitled to a refund!  Have you ever thought of reinvesting it back in towards the equity of your home?

Whether you’re planning on living in your home for the next 20 years, or just another year; Curb Appeal is very important to anyone who drives by.  After all, if your average ‘Joe’ in the neighborhood drives by every day and actually admires your landscaping, then don’t you think that he’ll think that your home is impressive?

Here are a few ideas of what some of our customers have done in the past.  I think you’ll agree that having a manicured and framed landscape can make a huge difference in the appearance of your living domicile  to everyone!

Owners elected to paint the curbs with Driveway Paint, which can be any color that the homeowner chooses! Note: Don't use concrete stain!

Owners elected to paint the curbs with Driveway Paint, which can be any color that the homeowner chooses! Note: Don’t use concrete stain!

Pavers-Driveway Pavers Lawn Flower Curbing Curb on Paver
curb1 Curb 15







Keeps mulch in, while also keeping grass out!

Also keeps your sidewalk and driveway safer by containing the mulch.

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Reframe the Picture!

Okay, it’s winter, and your yard isn’t looking the greatest.  Now is the time to start planning so that you can “frame” your landscape to complement your home.No Edging

January/February is when weeds are at its’ weakest, so let’s take advantage of that!

So, let’s talk about Landscaping.  Have you even driven by some new homes and there was no landscaping?  Nothing along the sidewalk, or nothing along the front/side of the house? Yuck!  I mean, why would you do that?  That just makes your house look “plain.”

Strategically placing specific plants in your yard could enhance the beauty of your home with just a few simple acts on your part.

  • Pull out the dead/dying plants.
  • Scrape out the mulch that may be in your landscape and level it.
  • Get landscaping cloth – oh so important to keep weeds from taking over!
  • Consult a professional designer – or look on-line to get some ideas.  You may even know exactly what you want!  Act on it!
  • Contact Curb Appeal, Concrete Landscaping Borders to measure your flower beds and give you landscaping advice.  Not only can we frame your flower beds, but we can even suggest landscapers and irrigation specialists to help you!
  • Complete the job by mulching or placing rocks.Lawn Flower Curbing

Your landscape could look fabulous with a little attention and effort.

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Before and After.., Clean & Seal

As some of you know, we’ve added a new service to our business.  We will actually come out to your home to clean and seal your existing borders to give them new life; clean up and brighten, as well as protect your curbing from the elements that are endured over the years.  Here are a couple of before and after photo’s to show you the difference!




and AFTER!

Wow!  They look brand new!

Interested?  We can help you too!

We will come out to your home to clean the borders, then apply a super sealant;  non-yellowing, clear super sealant directly to your borders.  We don’t water our sealant down (like many other companies that want to spray it on), we hand-paint the sealant directly onto your curbs so they get 100% of the product protecting your borders from the elements in Florida.

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